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Abaya for Women – The Most Adored Islamic Clothing

Abaya is a classy, modest Islamic Clothing for Muslim Women. Women who practice Islam, particularly in the Middle East have a special place for Abayas in their hearts. It is a long-sleeved, baggy yet comfortable, mostly black, lengthy gown-shaped dress with embellishments or embroidery over it.

Many people think Abayas make you look less stylish, but it’s a wrong thought. Abaya dress has a special spot in the fashion industry. A hair scarf or a net sharara are two additional clothing items that can be accessorized with an abaya to complete the look.

Traditional Abaya for Women to Modern Abaya Dress for Women

Abaya’s origins are somewhat obscure, it is thought that this robe-like garment has been worn for more than 4,000 years. The Abaya, according to modern historians, was first sold in Saudi Arabia by visitors from Iran and Iraq.

Since then Abaya dresses have made tremendous fashion advancements and are highly regarded in the fashion industry. Several women in some Muslim-majority regions of the world, such as North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the majority of the Middle East, wear a simple, loose over-garment that is essentially a robe-like dress.

Varieties Of Modern Abaya Dress Styles

Some abayas include black cloth with black embroidery, while others are brightly colored and feature a variety of artwork. The various Abaya Dress Styles are:

  • Aba – Wool or camel hair was used to weave a coarse woollen fabric known as Aba. Aba was used to make the Abaya and was colored in vivid hues.
  • Closed Abayas – If you desire an elegant-looking abaya, Front Closed Abaya is best.
  • Kaftan Abayas – Kaftan Abayas are extremely baggy robes used to hide body figures by some women. On hot summer days, you can wear Al-Nisa loose-fitting kaftan abayas without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Front Open Abayas – Front Open Abayas contain several buttons and can also be opened and worn as a shrug. When necessary, you can also close the buttons according to your need.
  • Denim Abayas – The most distinctive and fashionable abaya pattern is one made of denim. Denim abayas are breathable and soft, making them the best choice if you want to look stylish while wearing one. Choose Denim Abayas from Mirraw to wear on any occasion and make everyone turn their heads.
  • Abayas with a Shrug Attached – Shrug Abayas are the ideal piece of clothing to wear to a friend’s house party. It comes with a belt to put over the shrug, which makes it quite appealing. Usually, the shrug has a floral motif while the main abaya is solid in color.
  • Maxi Abayas – Maxi Abayas resemble a Maxi, a flowy night gown worn by women. Maxi abayas from Mirraw have frills at the bottom that make you look stunning.
Pair your favorite Abaya Dress with Other Islamic Clothing

Modern, Attractive, and Latest abaya designs give a fabulous appearance if it is paired with the Right Modern Islamic Clothing which are as follows as:-

  • Scarf – Scarf or Shela, mostly black, used to conceal hair. It is made of light fabric material.
  • Niqab – A niqab goes best with an abaya as it covers the whole face except the eyes.
  • Hijab – Hijabs are fashionable when paired with single colored Abaya Dress. However, the wrapping style of the Hijab must match your body style and the latest abaya designs.
  • Khimar – Pair a gorgeous colored Khimar with a statement Abaya Dress that enhances your look and style.
Al-Nisa: Online Store for Modern abaya dresses for Women

Al-Nisa brings you a variety of Abaya Dress designs, chosen and loved all over the world. Simple, printed, embellished, and designed, all the latest abaya designs at one destination. Al-Nisa helps you add an extra spark to your look by adding modest Islamic Clothing to your abaya. Enjoy the royal feel with the most stunning Abayas at Al-Nisa.

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